This page describe local news about development of this server.

28/11/2006 Argo/NGSST/AVISO databases and links have been updated. Period from 06/2004 to 11/2006 have been added.

Please see correspondend sections.

10/06/2006 Start testing of new VDB-kernel based on mySQL database engine.
For details please see section Virtual Databases.
You can look merging of CTD-data from Argo Drifters with the SSH and SST data.
More detailed manual about these features will be provided soon.

10/02/2006 The procedure of interactive data choice have been added.
The procedure is based on the Mapserver Open source software.

01/02/2006 Site have been placed to the Pacific Info portal

12/11/2005 Site have been placed temporary on the GIS-server of POI

10/07/2005 The modules for ARGO-drifter data reading have been added.

15/03/2005 Site have been place to the POI-intranet and availbale only in the Local Network of POI

15/01/2005 The final activity report have been added to the section Reports
Also the pdf versions of the papers related to the KOSEF grant execution have been added to the same section

04/12/2004 Section Transect have been added and tested. Now it is possible
to create some kind of vertical data transects for the data of Summer 1999 and October 2000.
Totally 11 kinds of transects is available.

25/11/2004 The web-site interface design have been changed.

28/10/2004 Mid-Term Report of Post-doc. Fellowship Program on KOSEF grant execution have been prepared
and placed to the section Reports as pdf and doc-version

01/09/2004 Finally the progress report have been prepared on the KOSEF grant execution.
The total amount of pages at report is 92, size is 18,533,545 bytes in 1 file.
It possible to get it at the section Reports

01/09/2004 The presentation on 1 Sep. 2004 by KOSEF grant execution have been
added to the section Reports. It have been made in MS Power Point format.

05/08/2004 The software installation and data revision for optimal interpolation
in VDB-style have been finished. Now you can check results at the section VDB-data processing
Please inform site author about your opinions and possible inconvinience of using this site.

01/08/2004 The optimal interopaltion of VDB-style have been added.
Now it is available to make online datasets of interpolated data from
different databases of CTD observations. For more information please look here and here

18/07/2004 Some changes at the references section

06/07/2004 The section Reports have been changed according with last tasks completing.

05/07/2004 The Optimal Interpolation Procedure have been obtained for the
month and seasonal timescale with Argo Drifters Data (
The archive of result and its description is available it the section Reports

03/07/2004. The optimal interpolation for Argo floats have been realised.
See components "Argo floats monthly" and "Argo floats seasonly" at the form

22/06/2004. Interface form for IDL Optimal Interpolation have been realised.
Only interpolation for Russian CTD data is available.

17/06/2004. The IDL-virtual machine have been implemented on server

12/06/2004. GMT tools have been implemented

11/06/2004. Site have been open. Here the Apache server have been installed.